Today we are going to talk about art.  What is art? Art is a representation of truth.  That is what it should be.  Art has been an integral part of the human experience going back to time immemorial.

Today art is in a state of crisis.  Why is it in the state of crisis?   Well .... since the emergence of Western plutocracy ands imperialism over the world, we have seen a decline in art with the emergence of so-called modern "art".

Now art is very important in terms of a representation of the subconscious as well as the conscious mind.  So as you see classical art degenerating into the fuzzy pictures of the Impressionists in France or the idiotic scribbling of somebody like Picasso or even the totally ludicrous just nonsense of somebody like Jackson Pollack, abstract "art" .... what this is is a deterioration of the subconscious mind.  Yes it is it is a deterioration of the subconscious mind, a  form of mental illness.

Now as we look at how art should be a representation of reality, one of the areas of art that we think is the most important is landscape painting going back to the works of Brueghel and other people back in the 16th and 17th centuries to the high tide if you will of landscape painting with the Hudson River School in the United States the Romantic School in England and Germany with people such as Caspar David Friedrich in Germany although there were a lot of others.  This is a representation of truth.  The same can be said of sculpture and other arts.  You compare the brilliance of the work of Bernini with the deformed trash that's passed off as modern art by the modern plutocrats.  Again these are symptoms of internally diseased minds and there's a direct connection to the diseased minds in art and the wholesale destruction of the planet's environment.  It's a process of mental deterioration and mental illness.  This is why we believe it's important to have a genuine renaissance of art. 

Fortunately there is hope because as a very creative counterpoint to the garbage of stuff such as Jackson Pollock of the scribbling of Picasso are the work of modern science fiction fantasy artists.  Now unfortunately, these people are not given the credit that they should deserve being the greatest artists of our time because of the disease of so-called modern art and the disease of so-called modern art is connected to the disease of the plutocracy because the art world is heavily dependent on plutocrats buying this trash and then donating it to their museums and taking huge tax deductions.. So there is a connection between the plutocratic illness in society and the collapse and decline of art.

But getting back to a resurrection a rebirth of genuine art it would be useful to study classical art, to study Michelangelo, to study Raphael, and we are particularly interested in the study of the 19th century romantics not just the romantic landscape painting but the romantic political work such as that of to be the portraits of Napoleon and the other portraits of Napoleon that were done by other artists at the time.  We believe this is a harbinger of things to come.  Yes it is.  As plutocracy and American imperialism and all their pile of garbage collapse, there will be a rebirth of natural forces that will take their place.  This is something that is going to happen.


So what we plan to do is to highlight some of these works on our website and let people go explore them for themselves.

The good news is that it is possible via computer graphics and other modern mediums to create art more quickly.  One of the things that is interesting is perhaps the use of models and to shoot very creative pictures of models that then via Photoshop or other forms of media improvement manipulation whatever word you like to talk about to turn these into greater works of art.  The same can be said for landscape photography.  There is a connection today between photography and art.

Now in future lectures we're going to discuss music and film but it's important to understand that all these things are connected.

Prophetic  music, film, art and sculpture ... these things are connected.  They are interwoven into an ancient system of communications so stay tuned.    More will be published here.