Our solar system is but a speck of dust at the edges of the Milky Way Galaxy, and there are millions and millions of galaxies in the universe. So we must put our current society and ideas into perspective.

Time remains the same.  Nature's laws remain the same.

With any search for the truth, one must begin with nature as the starting point.

Human political ideas will come and go... but those that are not connected to nature will never last.

Nature is truth. It is billions of years old and has stood the test of time. It is an eternal system of power that presides over the laws of life and death.

The written history of human civilization only began 5,000 years ago. Our industrial world order is only 200 years old, and on a global scale it's only 50.

If the Earth formed at midnight and the present moment is the next midnight, 24 hours later, modern humans have only been around for 1 second; and if human history spanned 24 hours, the Industrial era would be the last minute.

In other words, all of human history is just a drop of water in the vast ocean of time, and today's world order is just a tiny fraction of that drop.

The dinosaurs were around for 65 million years.   Unfortunately, human beings are on the verge of committing suicide after a mere 50,000 years.

This situation is not an innocent mistake.   It is the result of an internal moral sickness.   Today's world leaders are presiding over an era of mass murder. We are witnessing the greatest extermination of life since the Permian extinction, which happened 250 million years ago. In 40 short years, half of the wildlife on the planet has been killed. What we are witnessing today is nothing short of the greatest mass murder in history.

This criminal destruction of our planet is the result of sick and evil political and religious ideologies.

A particularly serious problem is the matter of American imperialism.   Here is an ideology based on the destruction of nature.  It is combined with enormous political and religious delusions of grandeur.  

Fortunately, there is no need to worry about nature.  Human beings need nature, but nature does not need us.  Nature will get things back on track one way or another - with or without us.

The politicians may have the clocks, but nature controls the time, and all the money in the world won't add another minute to the day.

It is time to start thinking about a long term future, and political ideologies connected to the future. It is time to get back to the truths found in nature.

Just as the spring follows the cold of the winter so our world will be reborn.   A political and religious revolution will be needed to sweep away the evils that have created the current situation.  We would hope this would be a peaceful process but this is very unlikely.

What follows is a vision of what is to come.   People can get back in step with nature or be crushed.   This is the real future.






When we say that it's time to align ourselves with the truths found in nature, there needs to first be a fundamental discussion of what nature is and what nature is not.

Nature is a ferocious system. Nature is a wolf running through the forest and ripping open the throat of its prey.

It's important to distinguish real nature from middle class, liberal environmentalism in the West. These are not the same thing. Their view of nature is what they see through an air-conditioned SUV window. A picture on a cookie box. A video on HDTV. It's important not to get real nature confused with a virtual picture of nature. If the average Western environmentalist was put back in the natural world, they'd be begging to get back into the modern world as fast as possible. How many people would like to wake up in the morning and have to cook breakfast over a fire and then go out and hunt all day and maybe face starvation in the cold?   Delusions about pacifism and human "rights" have no place here.

Human "rights" cannot exist without human responsibilities.   The number one responsibility is to respect nature's laws.   People are not isolated individuals but part of a larger cosmos.

Nature is a grim system, but it is a self-sustaining system that offers a long-term future. In so far as the modern world can be reformed, it must get back to principles of nature if it wants to survive. However, this will be very controversial.  Trillions of dollars will need to be spent to restructure economies based on death to economies based on sustaining life.

While there is all this talk about human rights and human compassion, there's an unprecedented wave of cruelty and mass murder towards other forms of life. Is the "sanctity of life" only keeping humans alive, or only keeping wealthy, well connected humans alive in first world countries while otherwise healthy children are left to die? 35,000 people in America die each year from a lack of health care. Pollution is also the largest cause of death in developing countries. So as you can see, many of these ideas are really quite sick, and originate from toxic religious and cultural ideas, particularly in America.


As the whole house of cards collapses, there is going to be a grim process of sorting out the survivors.    The result could very likely be a death toll in the billions.  Such a huge death toll sounds high but it is not at all out of the world historical experience.  In the Black Death, it is estimated that 35% of the population of Europe died.  During the Thirty Years War in Germany and the Mongol invasion of China similar death tolls also took place.  This would mean a death toll of at least two billion in today's world.

Are billions of people around the world going to willingly depart without a fight and die quietly of hunger, chemical poisoning and disease in their sleep? No. There will be mass violence, war and political upheaval.  War and violence will add to the death toll and the demand for totalitarian rule.


Amidst this massive wave of death, someone will be forced to make the difficult decisions about who gets to live and who doesn't.

Our ancestors were forced to make such decisions on a day to day basis because survival was not a guarantee.

For example there was Sparta with its exposure of children to the elements after birth, where the strong infants lived and the weak ones perished. While Sparta is the most notable for doing this, many societies practiced something similar throughout history.

Now in today's society with the wonders of medical technology and a wealth of resources, it may seem that we're not forced to make such decisions. But do not mistake this for benevolence. Much of the opulence of our current age is purchased at the price of a mass destruction of other life forms, as well as the greatest income inequality in world history. The "sanctity of life" doesn't seem to apply to children left to starve and die in third world countries, or the other forms of life killed off in today's vast wave of environmental destruction. So what we're seeing today is massive hypocrisy.

History is a tale of "haves" and "have nots." And in our world today, that is more the case than ever before, where less than 1 percent of the people own more than half the wealth on the planet, and are presiding over the vast destruction of nature.

But with the coming turmoil ahead this will change, and there will be a new system of "haves" and "have nots." When a ship has a limited number of lifeboats, not everyone gets to live. So as environmental collapse hits,  someone will be forced to make the hard decisions about who gets to live and who doesn't. After all, with billions dying anyway, such thinking will become more common place.

It is likely that we'll see the return of ideas of what occurred in ancient Sparta. But modern technology will be used to implement these ideas. This may not sound ideal, but this is a reality that is a part of nature, and has been a normal part of human history.

The environmental crisis is one of the most critical issues of our time. We hope for a peaceful and democratic solution to this problem. But if this cannot be addressed in a peaceful and democratic manner, it is likely that there is going to be a very violent future to come. That is why it is important to think of the future to come if today's current democracies do not succeed. This is why it is important to study deep historical trends if we are to understand the future violence to come.






The plutocrats tell us that today's world order is the best that ever existed, and that if we go along with their plan, that we'll have this nice little life where we can all be safe.

The plutocrats are backed up by the wealthy liberal establishment who create a facade of compassion to hide the criminal realities of what is happening.   What we have is a political class at the top of society claiming to represent "the people".  However, their grip on power is slipping.   Going along with their plan is not safe, it is suicidal madness.

They tell us that the destruction of nature is necessary in the creation of "progress." But the question we ask is "progress for whom?" Today we are seeing income inequality unseen in the scope of history. 1% of people in the planet now own around 50% of the global wealth. Even past emperors and pharaohs did not command such a percentage of wealth in their own civilizations.

Yet this is a temporary trend. It is not based on any sustainable systems of values. Consumption cannot keep going for ever. The reality is that today's plutocrats and western liberals are on the losing side of history. Those who align themselves with nature will be on the winning side. They will be one with the invincible forces of fate. Those who align themselves with temporary trends will be on the losing side.

So the question is, is it safe to go along with the current system? Do those in charge have your best interests at heart? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding no.

It is time to get back the laws of the natural world. It is time to develop systems aligned with the eternal values. It is time to get back to nature and in order to do so, we must understand long term trends in our own history. The next section of this text will go into more detail about the real past, in order that we have an understanding of the real future.






Nature is a violent and ferocious system   World history is also a violent and ferocious system.

In 323 BC the most powerful man in the world lay dying in ancient Babylon. On his death bed, Alexander the Great was asked, "who will you leave your Empire to?" and his answer was, "to the strongest." There's a lesson here, world history is a ruthless struggle for power. No it's not a struggle for freedom; no it's not the struggle for what Americans like to call "democracy," which frequently has nothing to do with world history. World history is a struggle for power.

Now there's been a myth in the in the Western study of history that there was once a peaceful little world of everybody living in the forest so on and so forth. This is rubbish. It's a world that never existed. As the vision of the past is illuminated by archaeology, what we see is a ferocious world a world of violence and a world of human sacrifice. This is the real world of the past and it has relevance, because as the whole plutocratic world order collapses under its environmental and economic mistakes, this kind of violence and terror will be unleashed on a global basis.

Examples of this are discussed in Lawrence H. Keeley's book "War Before Civilization." Keeley is an archeology professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. According to Keeley, modern civilization is less violent (in terms of human violence) than the prehistoric past. Keeley states that peaceful societies were an exception to the rule and that up to 90-95% of prehistoric societies known engaged in war. Tribal warfare in a warrior society could produce casualty rates up to 60% of the population. This is compared to the 1% death toll of combatants in modern wars. There was also a very high participation rate in this violence. According to Keeley, up to 40% of the male population in a tribe was mobilized for warfare. This is a much larger percent than what Germany or America recruited for World War II.

Keeley also cites several archaeological examples to support his narrative of perpetual violence: Almost half of the people buried in a Nubian cemetery 12,000 years ago died from violence; The Yellow Knives tribe in Canada were obliterated by massacres committed by the Dongrib Indians and similar massacres occurred among the Eskimos, the Crow Indians and countless others. At Crow Creek in South Dakota, archaeologists found a mass grave containing the skeletal remains of more than 500 men, women and children who had been slaughtered, scalped and mutilated during a village raid that took place over a century and a half before the arrival of Columbus.

In addition to examining the brutality of history before written language, we can see that the earliest written documents also contain a good share of violence and gore.

The Narmer Palette is one of the oldest examples of Egyptian Hieroglyphic writing and it dates from the 31st century BC. It is believed to be a depiction of the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under King Narmer. If you look for a picture of the Narmer Palette (you can search this on Google Images) you will see that it depicts King Narmer ready to strike down a foe whom he grabs by the hair. Again and again, on other parts of this palette, we have images of the king being victorious over his enemies. On the front of the palette he is represented as a human overlooking the decapitated corpses of his foes or a as a bull victoriously trampling an enemy.

One man looking over the decapitated corpses of his foes is an accurate picture of the history of human civilization. Civilizations were forged by brutal leaders who came to power by stepping on the backs of their enemies and who built thriving empires atop the graves of the fallen.


The Violent World of the Primeval Past

The page above describes what the real past was like, and how this brutal world is likely to emerge again.




These leaders put into place their own systems of authoritarian control where aspects of everyday life, such as the religion and culture of the people, were controlled by the state. Ancient leaders typically ruled over their empires as a sort of god king.

The term "totalitarianism" was only invented recently by Mussolini, but it is an idea that goes back thousands of years.

Totalitarianism is the idea of the total control of the individual and society by the state. This idea goes back to Plato in ancient Greece and it is the foundation of the Chinese Empire.  China's first Emperor based his empire on the political theory of legalism of philosophers such as Lord Shang and Han Fei Zu. The Han Dynasty and the succeeding dynasties in China were a fusion of Confucianism and legalism.  In our time Chairman Mao was a great admirer of the ancient philosophy of legalism. In ancient India, India's first Empire was a totalitarian state and the structure of that state was defined by its prime minister in the ancient book of the Arthsashastra. These are basic facts in world history.

Almost all ancient leaders claimed their right to rule by divine providence. Even in the Code of Hammurabi, the first known written law text, Hammurabi states that Marduk (the chief Babylonian God at the time) sent him to rule over the people. "When Marduk sent me to rule over men, to give the protection of right to the land."

So when you look at any serious historical civilization, such as Ancient Egypt, China, Persia, Babylon, or India, you will see that they were all governed by authoritarian rule.




Democracy on the other hand, was a failure by historical standards.

In today's western education systems, children are taught that democratic Athens was this major civilization in the ancient world, and that democracy somehow had a role in putting Greece on the map as a major world power. This is rubbish, pure and utter rubbish. Of course the real reason our school systems put forth such nonsense is to create the idea that democracy is the foundation of civilization. This is a lie, a flat out lie.

Back in the 5th century B.C, Persia was actually the major world power at the time. The Persian Empire was a geopolitical revolution of the first order, because for the first time, the empires of India and the Mediterranean were connected.

In most western schoolbooks, there's a very wrong portrayal of  the relationship between Persia and Greece. It's portrayed as a kind of Cold War. Nothing could be further from the truth. Greece was a fragmented collection of different city-states, and their relationship with Persia was a combination of different alliances at different times.  There was a huge amount of interaction. For example, Herodotus, a Greek citizen, was able to travel throughout Persia.

The central point here is that the main empire of the 5th century B.C. was Persia, not Greece.

Now, so-called democracy in Athens really wasn't even a modern democracy, because only a minority of the citizens were able to vote, and Athens was heavily dependent upon a system of slavery. So, the romanticization of Athens is a product of the modern world, not of the ancient world.

Under Pericles, and the so-called "Golden Age of Greece," Athens embarked on a evil, megalomaniacal, imperial plan to make Athens and all of Greece "safe" for democracy. In other words, Athens started a war with its main competitor, Sparta, to destroy Sparta, and impose an Athenian version of democracy, which coincided with business interests in Athens taking over all of Greece. (Sound familiar?)

This war was an absolute, total disaster, and it ended up in the defeat of Athens by Sparta, and the wholesale destruction of Athens as a major power. Athens was defeated, and the whole concept of democracy was totally discredited throughout Greece. Aristophanes wrote plays ridiculing Pericles.  Socrates referred to Pericles as a pastry chef.  The entire intellectual structure of Greece repudiated democracy after the demise of Pericles.  Democracy was superceded by the rise of philosophers like Plato, who openly endorsed the concept of authoritarian rule and totalitarianism.

The person who actually put Greek culture on the map as a major world power was Alexander the Great. He made the transition from the narrow-minded polis of democracy which had been discredited, to the cosmopolis, the world state, where he incorporated the aspects of Persia into his Empire. His empire was built on top of the administrative structure of Persia.

When he died his empire was distributed to four different generals, but he played a large role in his lifetime of spreading the Greek culture throughout the ancient world. The connection between the east and west that Alexander helped to facilitate lead to the birth of the "Hellenistic Era."




The second model for modern democracy in our time was ancient Rome. Now Rome, unlike Athens, did become a major world power, but this was hardly a very happy story. Rome, like Sparta, was a very militarized state, and set up the largest and most brutal slave trade in the ancient world. The Roman Republic eventually committed suicide, but for some different reasons.

In Rome, as in modern America, plutocratic forces gained control of the political system. This led to endless quarrels.  It was eventually a man of the political left. Julius Caesar, who finally overthrew the Roman political establishment. That's a very important fact to understand. While the Roman Empire did occasionally appoint dictators in times of war, it was ultimately Caesar, who completely threw out the entire structure of the system, and appointed himself dictator by force.

After Julius Caesar was assassinated, Augustus eventually came to power. Now Augustus was much more clever than his adopted father, Julius Caesar, because he used the rhetoric of the Republic to enforce his power. In other words, he claimed he was restoring the republic. It was a very clever move, and eerily similar to the actions of Bush and Obama who has gutted civil liberties to "save" democracy.   Augustus destroyed the Republic under the guise of restoring it.  He put through a legal series of revolutions that enshrined the power of the authoritarian state, and basically buried democracy in the West for almost 2,000 years. Democracy wasn't restored until the American and French Revolutions.


Plato on Totalitarianism

 Aristotle on Totalitarianism

Ancient Roots of Modern Fascism

Totalitarian Revolution in Ancient China

Totalitarian Revolution in Ancient India





Democracy was buried for almost 2,000 years before it re-emerged in the western world around the 18th century via the French and American revolutions.

Another case of a dysfunctional system was France in 1789. Now, American history books like to tell that, "oh, it was a tyranny, it was an aristocracy, and my gosh, that's why they got in trouble." Actually, Louis XVI was originally seen as the great reformer. He took all sorts of ideas from the so-called "enlightenment" and put them into action. The end result was a system that was more dysfunctional, not less dysfunctional, than the one that he inherited from his father, Louis XV. It was a decentralized mess where you couldn't get anything done, particularly in the case of the local parliaments. And, you see, the so-called reformers in the time of Louis XVI were similar to the so-called human rights movement today. Everybody had to have rights, and everybody had the right to go to court, and everybody had the right to do this, and the right to do that. The end result was the system was completely dysfunctional, and very similar to America today. And very similar to America, there was a debt from wars that was never dealt with. England and France inherited tremendous debts from the Seven Years War, or the so-called "French and Indian War" here in America.

Now, England dealt with its huge war debts with a centralized government, and an enormous series of tax increases. Part of the tax increases led to the American Revolution, due to the corruption of the special interests in Parliament, the gerrymandered districts, and so on (sound familiar to modern America?) who would not all allow the American colonists to elect their own representatives in the parliament. But while the tax increases did cost England the colonies - which at that time were not absolutely critical, contrary to the view of most American historians; you get the impression that the colonies in the United States were the most important colonies in the world - absolute nonsense. But anyway, the point is that England was able to reorganize its finances in a centralized manner, and had huge tax increases and dealt with its financial crisis. France, by contrast, emerging from the Seven Years War adopted what you might call the modern American system, with an endless series of gimmicks, and gadgets, and tricks which had finally ended up collapsing in the financial crisis of 1789, which set in motion the French Revolution.


Now, to understand the French Revolution. you need to understand Robespierre.  Robespierre is probably one of the more underestimated figures in history. Robespierre, without a doubt, saved the French Revolution. France was in the middle of being invaded by foreign powers who were trying to crush the revolution, and it was Robespierre, in coordination with Carnot, who organized what's known as the "levee en masse", which was the mass army. This mass army was a military revolution, the beginning of the total war system that would evolve into the 20th century. This enabled France to produce a disciplined mass army that would later serve as the cornerstone of Napoleon's mass military machine. Now, Napoleon also was a great admirer of Robespierre - that's another fact that's sort of swept under the rug and covered up. The reign of terror and the mass army enabled France to mobilize and defeat foreign armies, and laid the groundwork for the takeover of Europe by Napoleon, and the establishment of the French Empire under Napoleon. However, this doesn't quite fit well with the traditional American view of the French Revolution, that it was all to create American-style system, and big bad Robespierre spoiled everything, and so on and so forth. That's rubbish.


Maximilien Robespierre: Terror and The French Revolution - Quotes


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clouds over washington

Now, in modern America today, you  have a completely dysfunctional system mired  in umpteen levels of bureaucracy and a so-called two-party system, which many people see is a one-party system controlled by big corporations.   Indeed America, if you look at the Constitution, was basically set up as a de facto plutocracy, not a democracy. People such as Madison feared the people, and they wanted to set up a system that was deliberately inefficient, so special interest could control it, which they have.

America has successfully sustained itself through plunder of the environment and a giant campaign of racial war in history against the Native Americans, a program of racial war that was the model for what Hitler wanted to do in his planned conquest of Russia.  Now, today, America's a big house of cards in terms of debt. House of cards of financial debt, house of cards in environmental debt, and a dysfunctional system. Reform is not likely.


America, we must remember, has a very grim history and also a history of deceit, lies and deception. America was founded by genocide and conquest against the native peoples. How do you think the whites in America ended up getting the land that they have? Through democracy? Of course not. The American economic system also received a giant boost from the slave trade.  This was not just a factor in the south.  New England wealth was built up through the slave trade.


It has also displayed an appalling lack of understanding of nature. 95% of all the original forests were destroyed by the Americans. This shows an unbelievable lack of understanding of the basic rules of life. Now these rules of life aren't negotiable. They can't be bought and sold on Capitol Hill or the New York Stock Exchange. They cannot. They are remorseless and these laws are going to kick in as time evolves.


And we also need to look at modern Europe, which is - the big weakness of modern Europe is a decentralized system. And Europe is, overall, in much better shape than America, but Europe has a massive internal political conflict, similar to the one that France had before 1789 with the parliament and the lack of unity in the EU, and the ability of one tinker toy state to stop everything, and so on.


Now, we've made it clear that we would prefer to see democracy work. Of course we would. It would be much better. But there's very little sign that that's going to happen, and beyond a certain point, you can't look at democracy as a suicide pact. You can't. That's a criminal view. Clinging to democracy to kill everybody on the planet is a criminal point of view. So, dictatorship is going to be necessary if democracy doesn't work, and so far it's obviously not working. The current structure of the world is headed towards a total disaster, and this whole sort of "house of cards" built from 1945 is headed for a total disaster. So these are the basic structures of how this whole situation needs to be discussed. Time remains the same. Nature remains the same, and political leaders will emerge who will be agents of fate, agents of nature.


The Gathering Storm in America

War Crimes and Democracies

Martin Luther King Speech on Vietnam


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Since the terrorist attacks in 2001, there has been a true legal revolution - particularly in America - setting the stage for a totalitarian state.

Now, let's just look at what's happened since 9/11/2001. We had a rampant campaign of military imperialism abroad, and we had - for the first time since the end of the Middle Ages - the legitimization of the use of torture as a means of political policy by the Bush administration, and the Obama administration has done everything possible to make 100% certain that the people who committed these crimes would not be prosecuted. These are nothing short of revolutionary, in terms of actions towards a totalitarian state. You have to understand that neither Hitler nor Stalin ever had the nerve to publicly endorse an abomination like torture in order to justify their keeping themselves in power.

The American government now has the legal power to listen to phone calls, spy on emails, detain people suspected of terrorist activity without trial, and is conducting a covert drone war around the globe where they can kill anyone on the planet without legal boundaries. These actions would have been unthinkable before 2001, yet "terrorism" has been used as a reason to violate America's most cherished liberties.


Obama has done much to accelerate and amplify the legal revolution towards totalitarianism that George Bush started.

"So here we have a president – a democratic president – who’s wiping out the Magna Carta, as well as the Constitution," says Daniel Ellsberg, the whistle blower who released the pentagon papers. "King George the Third didn’t have the power.  No King of England had that power since John the First."

Ellsberg also mentions Obama's Indefinite Detention Bill, the bill that allows the president to detain anyone he wants without trial or jury:


So, we also have the fairytale that " Oh, the Internet will make totalitarianism impossible." Quite the contrary. Technology has no morality. The entire structure of the internet is centralized in a series of near-monopoly power by a small group of corporations, which could easily be taken over by the state. And, very shocking in the year 2013 via the revelations of a very courageous young man by the name Snowden, we have a revealed that the National Security Agency in the United States has built an electronic system to monitor all American citizens. It's absolutely breathtaking, the power. and it is clear that somebody just needs to hit a computer switch on their keyboard to be able to listen in on any phone call in America. Now, this is truly breathtaking. Really, truly breathtaking. The dreams of Himmler and Beria and other secret police people could virtually never even imagine something like this. And technology such as voice recognition, and things like that enable an enormous increase in monitoring and productivity in the system of a secret police force.

Technology has no morality.  Technology can be used one way or the other. And the other issue, which we discussed repeatedly in terms of technology, is you can't understand modern totalitarianism if you don't understand the dynamism of modern totalitarianism. In fact, some have argued that technology makes totalitarianism more possible.

The journalist and social commentator Evgeny Morozov discusses in his "The Net Delusion" the darker side of internet freedom. He argues that people have overlooked the internet's power as an authoritarian tool. Morozov argues that dictators now have the internet at their finger tips to threaten dissidents, crush opposition and further monitor the private activities of their people.


Another writer, Sheldon S. Wolin has suggested an even more radical idea, the idea that the U.S. is no longer even a democracy at all. He discusses this in his book, "Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism." In this text he postulates that we could be living in a sort of inverted Totalitarianism. A system in which economic and state powers unify to control the masses. Wolin makes it clear that American Totalitarianism is not comparable to a system like Nazi Germany. Yet it is a system that has its own pathologies and unchecked power. In an endless quest for economic growth and the fight against terror - the politics of inverted Totalitarianism become justified.

However, even this inverted system of totalitarianism will not last. Can it truly rely on China to pay its debts forever? This is not very realistic. This is all further compounded by the global environmental crisis. There are huge questions about the Green Revolution and the prospects that you could have a massive crop failure that would take out tens of millions of people and this will fuel further instability overseas. If the deaths of 3,000 people in the September 11 attacks lead to the current level of paranoia we see right now, imagine what would manifest over the deaths of 10,000 - 100,000, possibly even millions.

So there will be violence to come that could be also used as a justification for terror. It is important to start thinking about how this will shape the future to come.



Totalitarianism in America

Ellsberg on Obama



Obama's 2011 Attack on Libya

Obama's 2012 Attack on Syria

Obama's Drone Attacks against Civilians


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china parade


All around the world we see trends towards totalitarianism.   They think it will be obvious and that dictators will openly express their authoritarian intentions. Such ridiculous misconceptions are a by-product of our delusional education systems.

The reality is that when totalitarianism comes back in the west, it will be in the name of defending freedom. For example, when Augustus Caesar took control over Rome, he always claimed that his intention was to restore the Roman Republic. Of course this never happened, yet such a proclamation kept people under control by making them think that they were free. So this is how the new totalitarianism will grow in the future to come: the delusion of freedom.

In fact, it can be argued that totalitarianism has much more potential today than it ever did in the past. Future leaders will have a whole multimedia machine of technology at their disposal with which they can control their people. Throughout history, authoritarian leaders were masters of using the cultural trends, media, spectacle and art of their time in order to control the people: Panem et circenses, this was known as bread and circuses. Today we have Facebook, Youtube, iphones, and a 24/7, billion dollar multimedia presence - the new and high tech bread and circuses of our time.

So let's take a brief look at the authoritarian situation as it is developing in key nations around the globe.

[Refer to "The New Totalitarianism" lecture to block this section out.]


One of the great ironies of America is its economic connection to China, a totalitarian state that murdered 80 million of its own people in recent times. In the 1970's, it is arguable that American style capitalism would have actually collapsed if China made an alliance with our competitor, the Soviet Union, instead of America. So this puts the whole legitimacy of American styled economics and governance into question.

The conventional wisdom in international relations is that democracy is the one and only model for political and economic growth. Yet China, along with other Asian economic super powers such as Singapore, exist in opposition to such ideas. It has been argued that their authoritarian model is not only conducive to economic growth, but it is a model of the future world to come.

As one of the world's longest lasting civilizations, China's history has deep totalitarian roots. The road to totalitarianism evolved from the "Legalist" school of philosophy.

Lord Shang, a key Legalist thinker who would emerge later, penned many of these ideas in "The Book of Lord Shang." Shang states that laws are designed to maintain the stability of the state from the people, who are believed to be innately selfish and ignorant. This is no such thing as objective goodness or virtue in Legalism; it is obedience that is of paramount importance. A harsh ruler is demanded to keep the people of the state under tight control.

This ideology has been carried into modern times.

Mao Tse-tung, the founding father of the People's Republic in China was a great admirer of Legalism. Mao was also the greatest mass murderer of all time.

"He (Ch'in-Shih-huang, the first emperor of China) only buried alive 460 scholars, while we buried 46,000. In our suppression of the counterrevolutionaries, did we not kill some counterrevolutionary intellectuals? I once debated with the democratic people: You accuse us of acting like Ch'in-shih-huang, but you are wrong; we surpass him 100 times".  (Mao's First Speech to the Party Congress, May 17, 1958)

Mao was a blood thirsty tyrant and ultimately caused the deaths 80 million over the course of his regime.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union there was a lot of fairy tale thinking that the whole world would achieve paradise via America's political and economic policies.  US Presidents like Bill Clinton hailed China as America's "strategic partner".   China would soon become like the US, we were told.

It has not happened.  China is today more totalitarian than it was during Clinton's time in office.

Meanwhile, the trade policies of Bill Clinton and the US plutocratic elite have shifted the world economic balance of power to China.   Today, in terms of some measures of economic power, China actually has a larger economy than the US.

James Mann wrote the following in a Washington Post opinion article: "The Iraq war isn't over, but one thing's already clear: China won." Now this is confusing. China was never involved in the Iraq war, what does Mann mean by this statement? After 9/11, America has launched several wars around the globe in an imperialist, megalomaniacal attempt to make "the world safe for Democracy." Yet what this has done is bleed America's popularity and influence dry, as well as much of our economic wealth. By contrast, China has been gaining popularity, influence and wealth by leaps and bounds. China is quickly coming into its own as an alternative model to America's free-market, democracy. As the U.S. model is failing, China's model is gaining more popularity around the globe.

Many authoritarian leaders around the world look to China as a blue print. Beijing has shown that dictators don't have to choose between power and profit; they can have both. It has proven that a ruling party can maintain considerable control over information and the internet without slowing economic growth. Western leaders have claimed that the development of the internet and the growth of the middle class in China would surely kindle the fires of a blazing revolution for democracy. Yet this is not so, the Chinese economy has grown by a factor of 9 since the infamous protests of 1989 in the Tiananmen Square, and the Communist Party remains firmly in control. Rather than becoming a tool of liberation, the internet has become a tool of authoritarian control, making it much easier to monitor the opinions of the population as well as to crush dissent where it arises. Much of the small middle class that exists in China today is also connected to the Communist Party. This is an urban elite that is given the freedom to wear and buy what they want, travel the world, have luxurious apartments, invest, profit and have affairs. They have no interest in biting the hand that feeds them.

While China's specific model doesn't work for all, they have done considerable work to support and prop up other authoritarian systems around the globe, such as North Korea, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Uzbekistan and Cuba.

China has also established itself as a respectable world power by maintaining and growing its economic ties around the globe, while America fumbles and bumbles in its attempts to spread their system by military force.

China also has deep roots in the area of eugenic research and population enhancement. Since ancient times, eugenics was associated with practices of "good health" in China. While much of this is very controversial from a western point of view, opinions are very different in China. Today China is the world's largest genetic researcher, has one of the fastest growing biotechnology sectors in the world and is currently running the world's largest eugenics program via their "Maternal and Infant Health Law" of 1995 which forbids people with genetic mental or physical disorders from getting married. In short, they are putting much of their resources into figuring out how to make their population stronger, healthier and smarter.

This all adds up to a very ominous challenge for the future of western style democracy.

Unfortunately, all is not well in modern China.  China's environmental policies have created the world's largest environmental nightmare.   It's doubtful this will end well. If the problems in the "Green Revolution" in agriculture and other horrors get out of control, a far higher death toll could be coming.    However, the continuing influence of Legalist philosophy and modern variants of Chinese political ideologies will create the framework for a truly ruthless reign of terror if things explode. 



Past experiments with liberal democracy have led Russia to the brink of civil war, economic collapse and the plunder of state resources. Under Yeltsin, Russia was ruled by a weak government with a chaotic economy in its post-soviet years. Yet many Russians now feel much more secure under the "managed democracy" of Putin....

NOTE: discuss more of Russia's growing relation with China, as well as its important economic position in regards to the rest of the globe.


One irony of our times is that India, the world's most populated democracy, just voted in the ultra far-right, neo fascist Narendra Modi.

NOTE: Discuss more about Modi and India's totalitarian past.


Global Fascist Revolution

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The relentless quest for economic growth is killing the planet. This is not an opinion. It is a fact. Every scientific indicator can back up this fact. Not only is today's political and economic world order destroying life on the planet, but when you look at the growing poverty and economic inequality, it's obvious that this system is not working out for 99% of the people living underneath it.

So the question is, why isn't there a mass revolt? Greater revolts have taken place in history over lesser offenses.

The answer is because most people in this system are living under massive levels of delusion. As mentioned earlier, many of the world's people today, particularly the American people, exist under extensive levels of brainwashing dished out by the corporate media and the education system. The chief delusion is that we are free because we live under a democracy. So when many people see all the environmental and economic destruction around them, they think that voting in the right person or buying the right product will change the results. Yet they never think of questioning democracy itself.

Parliamentary democracy has the potential to be very destructive in our time, just as it was in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Many people in today's democratic societies are very well educated about the murders committed by National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler, and his genocide of 12 million people. Of course this was a very horrible tragedy and deserves severe condemnation. Yet what is not discussed is that the U.S., with all its interventions post World War II, has killed up to 9 million people.

So is democracy innately peaceful? No it is not. Democracy is not a religion nor a death pact. It is a political ideology. If it works, that's great. But if not, then it's time to try out something else.

That's why it's very important for the creative and radical political philosophers of our time to speak out.

To read more about the track record of Democracy, check out the links below:


War Crimes and Democracies

Totalitarianism in America

Deaths In Other Nations Since WW II Due To Us Interventions (




Napoleon has said the following about fate:

"I feel myself driven towards an end that I do not know.  As soon as I have reached it, as soon as I shall become unnecessary, an atom will suffice to shatter me. Until then, all the forces of mankind can do nothing to stop me. "

A life but a mere flicker in the darkness, a cold breathe at dawn. Yet nature, fate, destiny, these are timeless forces and this is what this text is about.

Nature is connected to instincts about what is true and what is not true. How does a wolf know how to hunt its prey deep within the forest? How do the birds know to migrate South during the winter?

Within all living beings is a connection to instinct. There is a connection to primordial and primitive knowledge, and within many people there is a deep awareness of truth. Religions all over the world discuss this concept, this concept of being awake, of being aware, of what is real and what is not real. This is something that can be accessed at the subconscious level.

In this text we are going to discuss the concept of being awake and what it means in today's world.

Carl Jung tried to describe such a concept by coining the term "collective unconscious." While much of his writing is abstract and hard to understand, the basic idea is that "the collective unconscious" is something that you can tap into that will help you see things, that will help you make decisions and help you be what you were supposed to be in life.



Reading List for the Global Primeval Revolution

A reading list for prophets and agents of global change.

Guide for Prophets

Nature is a ferocious system that has survived for billions of years. It has stood the test of time. We know that nature is truth.

This is a guide for today's prophets who want to learn more about how they can be a force of truth.

Visions for Artists

The subconscious message is often more important than the conscious message.

From the beginning of time, the oral tradition, music and art have been used to communicate truth.

So it is today.

Guide for Artists and Other Creative People

The global internet revolution is the greatest communications revolution in history,
far more powerful than the printing press or television.

The plutocrats have created their own nemesis.

Learn how to be a part of this revolution.

What is awareness? Click here and listen.



Getting in touch with inner truth in today's world is very difficult because we are living in a very sick society where lies are propagated as truths on every level: whether it be a mass media outlet or the education system.

Now the current system - particularly America - is a system of brainwashing. The education system is the biggest source of brainwashing in this country, which tells people that the American system is the one system and the best system for the entire planet; and that any current failures of the system are just a temporary hiccup in an otherwise healthy system.

Yet the truth always wins out. While the American people are told at every level that their system is good, at a deeper level, many people are awakening to the truth.

This is part of the reason why a movie such as The Matrix became so popular. This is because it had the idea of people being trapped within a lie. Yet the Matrix of today is much more effective than the one in the movie, because it doesn't need all kinds of machinery to to enforce itself. It enforces itself through the power of deceit, through the power of making people think they're free when they are not. Today's slavery is much more effective than the old slavery because it does not need chains and whips to function. All it needs is the chains around the mind. This is something that Sun Tzu talked about. He said that warfare is a battle for the mind and those who conquer the minds of their enemies have already won the war.


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Today we are fighting a battle for the mind. We are fighting a battle for the truth; and how does somebody living in today's toxic society access the truth? They tap into great music, great art and great film. In toxic societies, much of the great art comes from outside of the mainstream. If a river is poisoned, clean water will not flow from that river, it will come from an alternative source. So it is the forces outside the mainstream, the underground, the people in the underground - these are the people we are trying to reach, that is the source where tomorrow's leaders will come from.

The key fighters in today's battle for truth are the creative shamans and the political prophets of truth living among us.

Those of you we are talking about, deep down in your gut, you know who you are.

It is often that the people who changed history were not necessarily the richest, or the most politically connected individuals, but they were the people who had an awareness of truth, and the courage to step forward.

Don't ask, "What can I do?" Think, "What will happen if I don't step forward?" Action is needed in today's world more than ever. After all, what is the alternative? To do nothing? That's really quite pathetic.

It was Edmund Burke who said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Hope for the future has a cost, and that victory is not comfortable or easy. As Chris Hedges as said, "Hope requires personal risk. Hope is action. Hope is doing something."

Having a lot of money or political power is not the only instrument of change, not even the most powerful instrument. History is made by those who step forward.

The creative messengers of our time have an obligation to step forward.



Let's look at examples of prophetic voices in history. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was imprisoned by the Soviet Union. He was a nobody in a concentration camp and was one day thinking of committing suicide, and a sort of a voice came out of the darkness in his head that said "today no one will hear you, but tomorrow the whole world will hear you." And Alexander Solzhenitsyn, this nobody in a concentration camp, wrote a series of books that rocked one of the most powerful empires in the world to its very foundations and helped bring it down in one of the most spectacular collapses in world history.

Now these prophets are humans, they are not angels.  There are negative aspects to all these people, but it's the importance of the power of the truth.

Another example, probably the most spectacular example in history was Martin Luther in 1517. Here's a guy in Renaissance Germany who was a complete nothing, a complete nobody, a monk off in a tinker toy town off in Wittenberg, off in the middle of nowhere in Saxony, who writes a thesis that the Catholic Church is full of corruption and nails it to the door of his church, that was the only way he could think of protesting. He set off a religious earthquake which rocked the Catholic Church to its very foundation and changed the entire course of the history of Europe, the entire course of German history, the entire course of Christian history.



toxic visions norway

After the winter comes the spring. When you walk through the forest in the spring, you see the primordial power of nature as the leaves emerge from the trees and as the flowers bloom.

In today's toxic world, there is a primeval revolution growing beneath the surface. You see it in the resurgence of indigenous religions around the globe, you see it as the subconscious message in the great art, movies, and music of our time.

The main force of this revolution will come from the underground, from the people who are on the receiving end of this system. These are the people we are trying to reach. These are the people who will bring us back to eternal values and earth based values.

Yet this will be a very controversial process.

Time is like a spring, and today's unnatural world order has pushed the spring so far in one direction, that it's going to lash back in the other direction in a very nasty and violent manner.

Today we are seeing a period of unprecedented peace in the developed world. Yet this is a peace that has been bought temporarily via massive debts against the environment and economy. Can America sustain it's debts forever? No.




Reading List for the Global Primeval Revolution

Guide for Prophets

Guide for Artists and Other Creative People

Creative Views of the News






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church taken over by nature

As mentioned earlier, many of today's toxic ideas are a result of sick ideas about religion and sex. Many of these ideas began about 1600 years ago with an event that brought the Roman Empire to collapse and ushered in the Dark Ages.

When the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as its main religion in 395 A.D., this unleashed a reign of terror the likes of which the world had never known, in terms of totalitarian terror. Much of this was inspired by the Jewish Old Testament, and the church proclaimed itself to be the new Israel. This is important to discuss, because this is a foundation for much of the sick religious ideas, and perverted ideas about sex that exist in the western world today. In ancient times fertility cults and goddesses were connected to ideas about life and natural sexuality. We're not saying that ancient Rome was a bastion of women's rights by any standard, yet when Christianity came to power, fertility goddesses were replaced by the sexless Virgin Mary and ideas about sexuality and the natural forces of life in general would become perverted.

This, again, had never happened before. Now the Roman empire definitely had its own share of brutality, in terms of slavery and the genocide of people who wouldn't go along with their program (the Menai massacre of the druids and the citizens of Carthage for example). Yet Rome survived because it was a tolerant place in terms of accepting different religious practices - as long as these religions showed their respect for the emperor. Various different religions and cultures all coexisted together at some level in the Roman empire. For example, the "Regina Caeli Laetare," or mural of the Egyptian goddess Isis suckling her son Horus was a popular image in Rome, and is even said to have inspired the later "Madonna suckling Christ." Another example of syncretic practice is that many Roman soldiers took to worshipping the Gallic horse goddess Epona after serving with Gallic troops. So religion wasn't a monolithic concept in Rome. It was something that was constantly changing, evolving and adapting to fit the new cultures and peoples encountered by the Romans.

The idea that early Christians experienced massive persecution in Rome is a fabrication of Christian scholars and a highly exaggerated affair in terms of historical realities. In the few instances that Christians were persecuted or sent to jail - it was more for their refusal to follow Roman laws, or for stirring up political dissent, rather than for their core beliefs. The stories of Christians being fed to the lions is pure fiction on the part of later Christian scholars. The first and second century A.D. were one of the most well recorded time periods in history, and there is almost no written accounts of Christian persecutions that took place in this era.

Yet when Christianity was imposed upon Rome in the 4th century A.D, this unleashed a wholesale extermination of all competing religions, the destruction of temples, the burning of the Library of Alexandria and the destruction of ancient learning. Jews, pagans and even other Christians were tortured and killed for not adopting the correct version of Christianity.

Ancient Rome was a highly advanced civilization that existed for around 1,000 years. Yet a mere 80 years after adopting Christianity the whole empire collapsed. Europe was plunged into a dark age that would last for a very long time. The Western part of the empire collapsed completely, and the Eastern part known as the "Byzantine Empire"(which was slightly more tolerant than the west), would become a decaying fossil of its former Roman glory until its conquest by the Ottomans in 1453 A.D.

The dominance of Christianity in today's world is a very short term event in the spectrum of world history.   There was the brutal and genocidal conquest of North and South America.   Then there was the conquest of most of the world by western imperialism in the last 200 years. By the end of the 19th century, western Christian forces dominated a majority of the globe. What results were produced under this leadership? Two brutal world wars and now the greatest destruction of the environment ever seen in human history.

After the disaster of World War II, the tide of Christian leadership began to recede. This is a trend that will only accelerate as time unfolds.



Christian Totalitarianism

A short history of Christian totalitarianism

Troubling Quotes from the Bible

Is Christianity a religion of peace? Read the quotes above and decide for yourself.

Troubling Bible Quotes about Women

To all the women reading our page, the bible has a plan for you.

That plan is shut up, don't ask questions, be ashamed of yourselves and seek redemption for your inherit wickedness by being your husband's slave.



naked goddess in nature

As Christianity collapses, so too will the sick ideas about women and sexuality that served as form of mind control to keep it in power.  Crude, wild sexuality will again be celebrated as the positive, powerful primeval life force that it is.  Women and gays will again celebrate their sexuality.

Already the world of music and art are 100 years ahead of politics. Women are breaking the chains of Christian bondage as they rise up and assert their own power. In Joan Jett's, I Love Rock and Roll, she goes into a bar and chooses a lover for herself, instead of waiting around at home for prince charming.

However, like so many matters this is going to be like a powerful spring being unleashed.  There will be a wild revolution that will leave much chaos in its wake.   Yet .... like the hurricanes that nature unleashed... this is but a part of deep forces being reborn.

When society has been pushed in one unnatural direction for so long, it tends to snap back in the other direction quite quickly. There were many positive effects of the 1960's sexual revolution. The whole artificial sexual moral structure of America basically disintegrated, and people began to explore different sexual relationships outside the bigoted and unreal confines of the pseudo-morality of the 1950s. At the same time, there was widespread use of drugs and people began to explore ancient religions, alternative religions to the traditional Christian point of view.

However, as in most revolutionary periods, there were a lot of excesses. So these excesses obviously had negative consequences on people's lives. Yet the important thing to note here is that as people began to open their minds about sexuality, they also began to understand the importance of respecting the environment. There were many environmental reforms in the 1970's and several successes in this area. Yet when looking at the environmental disaster that is our world today, there is obviously much, much more that needs to be done.

We believe the destruction of the environment today is connected to sick ideas about sexuality. Nature itself is a life force, a force of fertility. Taking a sick view of fertility means having a sick view about nature and life itself. We see this manifested in the poisoning of sexuality in modern times. Today many people have sexual diseases, there is also a rise in the numbers of young men shooting blanks or failing to stand attention when duty calls - if you know what we mean.

Many religious leaders have supported denying America's youth a proper sex education. As a result, millions of lives have been ruined by the spread of STD's, rape and unwanted pregnancies. Teen pregnancy in America is the highest in the developed world, and has especially high rates in the states that practice abstinence only education. Also, out the 19 million individuals who transmit a STD, a good 9.1 million of them are teenagers. So you can see that religious delusions about sex are connected to the poisoning of sexuality itself - much like many of the toxins and poisons we are now seeing build up in the natural world.

So there will be a primal return to ancient ideas about sexuality and the current religious perversions will crumble. Yet this will be a brutal process, because sexuality in the ancient world was also brutal. This won't be the flower power, oasis of peace and love that people imagine about the ancient world.


The Rebirth of Primeval Sexuality and The Goddess

In the Ancient World The Goddess represented the raw, sexual power of the Earth. 

Sexuality in the ancient world was in the open as a natural, primeval life force.

The Return of the Goddess

Revolution of the Goddess  The Return of the Dark Goddess  Dark Forces on Path to Light




storm cloud

People have the clocks but nature controls the time. In thinking about the future, we need to think in terms of the real future instead of the fake future. The fake future is what the current political and economic elites want you to believe. They want you to believe that there's this wonderful little life out there for you and that you are going to have this wonderful time provided that you go along with the system that keeps them in power and if you're extra nice - they might let you be in power too. Isn't that wonderful?

But that's a fake future, that's not real, that's not going to happen. It's something that's never going to exist. Their promises are lies and these people are not even going to be able to save themselves in terms of what's coming. What's coming is not all that hard to figure out. All the scientists of the world show that what is been built is a fraud. It can't do what they claim to do. It's like a consumer product that doesn't work. Now this product isn't just not going to work, this product is toxic and it's going to kill very large numbers of people. It's already killings huge numbers of nonhumans, but they don't vote so their death is considered to be acceptable. It's only when huge numbers of people start getting killed that the political situation will become much more difficult for those in power.



It's extremely important to understand that today's global environmental problems are going to get solved. That's a 100% certainty. You hear a lot of limp, western politicians worrying about nature, worrying about what's going to happen. There is indeed reason to have serious worry about the survival of the human race, but there's no reason to worry about these problems getting solved. Nature is going to solve these problems. Now, what is a matter of speculation is the scale of the death toll for both humans and other forms of life on the planet. What is a matter of speculation is whether humans will survive the consequences of their own lunacy. One of the problems in the so-called developed world, or Western world, or whatever you want to call it, is a very diseased monoculture in terms of political thinking. In agriculture, monocultures have historically led to disaster, such as the Irish potato famine, and indeed the structure of so much of modern agriculture is a series of artificial monocultures. But a much more serious problem in monoculture, which gets almost no discussion because of the fact that it is a monoculture, is in the realm of political theory in the West. There's an assumption that democracy, parliamentary democracy, so-called "human rights" are the only way to go, the only way to go, not just for America, but for everybody. And Europe and America have a tendency to try to force their system on other parts of the world via what you might call economic terrorism, and programs such as that, or in some cases, direct military slaughter such as Libya, and so on. This is a house of cards. This is not going to last.



Now, another issue that's going to fuel a great rise of totalitarian powers is the issue of disease, and the fact that the modern world is like kind of a giant Petri dish. Particularly in America, where you have just a ridiculous healthcare system due to the moral bankruptcy of the rich in this country, who do nothing but oppose national health insurance and the political gutlessness, and corruption of establishment liberalism, where the best they can do is this Obamacare mess, which obviously is better than the previous situation, but is a really pitiful example of reform leaving 30 million people uninsured, and so on, and so forth. So, this is going to lead to a big mess. The chances of this working are zero.


You see, large numbers of people are going to be killed no matter what. That's that's a frame of reference. If you look at the green revolution, if you look at all the stuff that's discussed on our website, large numbers of people are going to be killed. Now that in itself is going to stimulate a great deal of turmoil. It's also going to make the use of mass motor by those in power all that much more politically acceptable. It's a world in which violence will become more and more acceptable. At the same time the need for environmental reform will increase the need for a reign of terror conducted by the state. It will increase the need for a centralization of power

Now, in order to put through the environmental reforms, there will be certain minimum levels of political order that are going to be maintained. There are also going to be a very high death toll, particularly if this green revolution turns out to be as big a disaster as it looks like it's going to be, on top of all the other problems, such as the destabilization of the weather of the planet, and so on and so forth. So that's going to lead to a very high death toll. A lot of people are not going to - let's put it this way - they're not going to be too enthusiastic on being on the receiving end of this death toll, and they're going to fight like hell not to be on that. So this is going to lead to a lot of violence, and violence begets violence, as there's more and more violence; the violence from below begets violence from above.




So right now is the calm before the storm. The calm before the storm. And we need to think creatively about who will be the new Caesars, how bloody and violent will that get, because a lot of people are going to object to sweeping away the system to create the autocratic rule that's necessary to put through the reforms. And the answer is probably quite bloody, but this is the kind of creative thinking that we need to do, and place a modern America and the modern structure of parliamentary democracy in a in a deeper historical context.


So again we've got to look at reality, history, time, what's real, what's not real. In our time, media repeats garbage, giving it the semblance of reality. So you when you think about it, the overwhelming majority of books have been published since 1945. That doesn't mean just because you repeat things over and over again and distribute a whole lot of rubbish to the media, that doesn't make it real. And reality is intruding on fantasy. So what we are looking for is people who are visionaries. Fate, God, there is an overall center of truth. And people - it is a spiritual truth - people can tune into that, and as they tune into that, they will get back in touch with reality. And to clean up the mess created by the current bunch of criminals and lunatics and morons who are running things, there's going to have to be very harsh measures. It's very important to understand that the current world order is leading to death an enormous scale. At least 2 billion people are going to die in the next 50 years. That's under the best of circumstances. It could be a lot higher. So in that kind of world, autocrats are going to come to power and what we need to think about is the shape of autocratic governments that are going to put in the tough decisions to get the planet back in touch with reality


But what can be sorted out is the need for an enormous concentration of power and to make the tough decisions to save the planet. All dissent may need to be crushed, because in a total crisis situation there will be a need to get things done no matter what. The paradox facing the totalitarian regimes is that they don't ossify themselves as the former Soviet Union did. There is a paradox. There is an internal contradiction here which will need to be resolved by these governments, because there still is a need for a certain amount of open debate and the role of the Internet in that is unclear. That's a paradox which we have not totally clarified - nobody else has because hardly anybody else is thinking about the collapse of the system. The assumption is "well the system will have problems, but we'll go on having elections and somehow this will be just be wonderful." That's BS and that's not going to happen. But it's important that we continue these lectures and look back in history at all previous dictators to get a creative vision of what's to come.


Technology is a double-edged sword. We've seen all the fairytales that because of the Internet a dictatorship can never happen and that if you have a Facebook page you can bring down the government and so on; You don't need worry about the government being authoritarian. This is a again part of a set of delusions to keep people quiet and to believe in a fake future - a false future - a phony future - a fraudulent future that's never going to happen. One of the reasons we recommend people get out into the depths of nature, or listen to some of the music that we have listed on our site, or watch some of the videos is to connect to a subconscious reality that filters out all the junk that's been put in your head. It's like the red pill in the matrix. It's to filter out all the garbage and focus on the grim reality of what's coming.



The media as we discussed from our very founding - the power of the media - the power of the Internet enables a dictator to become more powerful, not less powerful. The leaders who will emerge will be very charismatic leaders who can communicate in a very hypnotic manner and the Internet will enable these people to build up supporters and come to power sooner rather than later. In the study for example of Nazi Germany, people forget that the Gestapo was a very very small organization, there was really no need for a big secret police. The Stasi in East Germany was 20 times the size of the Gestapo as a percentage of the population. The concentration camps prior to Kristallnacht were largely empty. Why? Because Hitler had such a hypnotic hold over the population.

In times of political crisis, people look for a savior. They tend to be more susceptible to religious cults and this is a key factor in the coming totalitarian regimes that will come to power: the ability to tap cell phones for example - the ability to tap phones via computers is enormously increased. The power of the state is enormously increased via technology. So you need to filter out of your head all the garbage that just because of the Internet life is going to be happy happy and so on. This is junk that's sold to you by your leaders to make you think that things are going to be okay. However as we mentioned in today's world, the Internet does give you an opportunity to communicate, that is true. But where is all this going? We need to think in terms of where all this is going in terms of the emerging lords of the earth and these people will use art, they will use music to keep themselves in power.



The issue of the religious structure of what's coming is related to the geographic structure of what's coming. We see a demise of Christianity, but this is not 100% clear. What is clear, is that there will be the opportunity for emerging political cults to supersede established religions or to co-op them. The details of which - that's an interesting question - I think that cannot be sorted out right now.


We happen to believe in the concept of the collective unconscious, and the idea of nature as a living entity, and a larger issue of moral value. So, people will step forward to be political prophets to halt the road to disaster. It's very important to understand that these people will not, and cannot be restricted by thousands of chatter about human rights, and stuff like that, because that will simply not be adequate to ram through the reforms that will straighten things out. History remains the same. In ancient Rome, when there was a crisis, they appointed a dictator. This is as old as history. Modern parliamentary democracy is kind of an artificial party produced by bleeding white the entire environmental future of the planet. It's an artificial state, and will completely self-destruct. So, the coming leaders are going to be nature's vengeance, nature's harbingers.




“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”

( J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring)

Time remains the same.

Nature remains the same.

Out of the darkness comes the power of the dawn.


So far, reading this may seem like a lot of doom and gloom. So the future will be violent, so it will be chaotic. Might as well give up now, right? Absolutely not.

There is tremendous hope in the world today towards bringing about a positive change. In the same way that the crossbow gave the 13th century peasant the power to bring down even the strongest of knights, so too is the internet giving power to people all over the world to let their voices be heard. We are convinced that the voices of power and change in our world will not come from the mainstream, but they will come from the underground. When a stream is poisoned, you must look to an alternative water source for nourishment. In today's poisonous world, it is those who think outside the box - outside of the mainstream who are a source of hope.

You don't need to be wealthy or well connected to cause a powerful change, you just need to have the courage to step forward and a creative vision of the future ahead.

Those in power today will tell you that their way is safe, that they have this nice, neat life planned out for you if you go along with their plan. This is a lie. This is a world that will never be. Tremendous change is on the horizon. The storm clouds are billowing ahead. With any great change in life, comes great chaos - great upheaval - and in many cases, great violence.

History is a tale soaked with blood. The greatest revolutions are almost always accomplished through violence.

Of course we should seek a peaceful solution to today's problems. Yet we cannot be naive. We must understand that if a peaceful solution does not come - if real reform does not come - there will be a violent future ahead, whether we like it or not. We cannot hide from this future. We cannot sweep it under the rug. History is like a spring, and the spring has been pushed so far in an unnatural direction, that it will spring forward violently in the other direction. This is not theory. This is an inevitability.

Our society has accrued great debts against the environment, we have achieved a nominal standard of living in the developed world at the price of a massive extinction of the natural world. Yet this pattern will not last. Our world is not a coloring book where you can simply scribble all over one page, rip it out, and start over again. This is not a video game. There is no restart button when we reach "gameover." Eventually nature will call in its debts, and when that day comes, there will be hell to pay.

So you must align yourself with nature. You must study ancient history and learn about systems that aligned themselves with nature's laws. These are systems that survived.

Time is truth. Nature has lasted billions of years, so we know that nature is truth. Our current Plutocratic world order is a blip on the radar.

Whose side are you on? The winning side or the losing one?